My values are to create humane clothing, embrace nature, art and culture in my designs that will influence others to be free spirited. My vision is to create beautiful and versatile clothing thats perfect for sun dappled festivals, Balearic summers and bohemian winters.
All my clothing is handmade by myself, Vanessa Mitchinson. I am not a fan of mass production, so I began to make my own clothes, it wasn't long until I had family, friends, friends of friends asking me to design outfits for them.. so I did..and they loved them! Soul Junkie is my signature bohemian style I create on off or limited edition pieces, this makes each of my design's more unique and special!
I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn but I am just getting started! I have bigger plans for Soul Junkie, and I am excited to live them! Thank you everyone who has supported me I love you all! xx

Soul Junkie.